Split 12″ w/ Eskatol

Released on 500 copies of vinyl in 2008 by Nakkeskudd Plater, Bombs Away Records and Fysisk Format. All copies are sold out from the labels, but are still available in some distros around the world.

Click the links to download 320kbs mp3 versions of the songs, or stream them from the site. If you enjoy the songs please support your local distro and buy a copy.

FLAC versions of the songs, for all you audiophiles out there, are coming soon.

Eskatol’s side of the split can be downloaded from Moshpit Tragedy, along with a shitload of other awesome bands

01 – Consumed By Consumers

02 – Unconditional

03 – Blood For Oil

04 – White Lies

05 – Critical Hit

06 – Flux Capacitor

07 – How Many Lives

08 – Out!

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