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Live recording from Köpi, Berlin

Basti from Ugly Youth Records//Kickasstapes dropped by our show in Berlin and recorded the whole spectacle. The next day the other Basti handed us some awesome tapes, with our show on one side and the almighty Arson Project on the other. Contact them for a copy, it kicks ass! There’s a cut from our show on their my$pace, and a nice preview below.


Video from the Rozbrat squat in Poznan (PL)

Black Blood World


Thanks to the kid who shot and uploaded the video!

Seriously, fuck Murphy and his bullshit law

“If anything can go wrong, it will.”

Once upon a time, five boys from a shithole town in Norway decided to mock Murphy’s Law while preparing for their second european tour. That was a mistake.

Confirmed bookings fell through, Brutus had to sit this one out, his replacement got sick and had to stay home, flesh-eating bacteria, missing GPS… anything that could go wrong pretty much did. But are we complaining? Fuck no! There’s always a silver lining.

We’ll miss Brutus, but we finally get to tour with Sean, the wee scot who left us for greener pastures back in 2008. We get to meet old and new friends along the way, and poop in weird toilets again. Not only are we going to several cities we’ve never seen before, we get to return to 1000fryd, Köpi and Rozbrat, all amazing houses filled to the brim with awesome punks and hardcore kids. We’ll get to share the stage with some amazing bands, and we get to see Europe from the van, which is always fun.

We leave in two hours, and the final page from google maps is printed out, so it’s time to log off and maybe get some sleep.

It seems Murphy got us this time, but we still say fuck him and his bullshit law! So, unless we get lost somewhere in the suburbs of Berlin again; see you on the road!