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All ages in A-Town

We’re playing Hellion together with Forest of Necromancy, a melodic death metal band from Arendal, on april 3rd.

It’s our first all ages show in A-Town in years, and we’re pretty goddamn excited.




Playing a show in Oslo tomorrow, at the mighty Blitz, together with our friends in Pump the Brakes.

This will be PtBs final show, so don’t miss out! If you don’t know them, check them out here:


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Website, studio and the booking of tours


So, I finally ponied up the cash needed to register our own domain name. I know it says in your browser right now, but that’s just because wordpress gets confused if I set as the default domain name. No worries though, as both URLs leads to the same place.

I’ve also spent some hours trying to get everything to look nice and work properly. I guess I still have a lot to learn about web design and html code, but thanks to wordpress’ free themes and extensive support pages, I’ve gotten something that seems fairly functional.

Our main motivation for getting this site going was to make sure people could download our songs in high quality without hassles. I believe we’ve reached our goal. I’m still looking for somewhere to permanently host the .flac versions of our songs, but I’m confident that a solution will present it self sooner or later. In a pinch, we’ll use sendspace and just re-up it every time the link dies. Please let me know in the comments if .flac is important to you

Until this thing was finished, our only presence online have been through MySpace. it’s easy, free and if you’re a competent spammer, you’ll soon have millions of friends around the world. The fact that it is owned by Rupert Murdoch, that it don’t allow downloads and that it favors major labels instead of the underground that built it was all too easy to brush aside, as it didn’t really affect our day to day life. Well, no more I say. We’ll continue to update the Myspace with show-dates, at least until we’ve finished our Euro tour in June.

European tour

Our friend Jani (whom many of you know from either Hevn, The Assassinators or Autonom Booking) is helping us with the booking for our upcoming tour. We’ll be on the road for two weeks, starting in Aalborg, DK on the 13th of June and ending somewhere in northern Germany on the 26th. We’ve confirmed some dates in Poland, Germany and Denmark, and I’ll upload the full list as it gets a bit closer to completion. Please let us know if you can help us out with shows in Denmark, Germany, Poland or the Czech Republic  between the dates mentioned. There’s a couple of open dates still.

As usual, we’re asking for the regular punk rock deal; some food, somewhere to sleep, some beers/non-alcoholic drinks and whatever money you can give for travel expenses.


The studio here in A-Town is finally finished, and we’ve gone in to record all our new songs. Some of those songs have been new for nearly two years now, while others were finished last week. Our friend Bård, who mixed/produced our last recording is still helping us out, so we’re pretty confident that it will at least sound good.

We haven’t decided if the songs will be released as a 7″ and a couple of splits and comp-tracks or if we’re going to go full monty and release a 12″. We’re talking to some labels, and checking our options.

Last sunday we recorded the drums for all the tracks, and if everything goes according to plan, the rest will be finished in a couple of weeks. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring some new shit on tour, but you know… punk rock. It’ll be out when it’s out.

Enjoy the new site, stay tuned for more songs and images, and please let me know if something looks weird at your end.


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