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New shows confirmed

Just confirmed a show at Blitz in March and a slot at the Distorted Picnic in Skibby just outside of Århus, DK

Distorted Picnic is a DIY festival in Denmark, with three days of cool music and awesome people. Read more here:



Fun times at the tracks

Had a great time in Larvik this Friday. It was good to see Forræderi again, and both Svikt and Brutal Agenda were cool bands. Bummed that Graatinder had to cancel, but the show was fun and the kids were cool.

The venue – Sporet – was a small pub inside the train station, with the closed waiting area doubling as both furniture storage and back stage. A small stage forced me onto the beer soaked floor, dodging flailing arms and broken glass amongst an enthusiastic crowd.

We hope to return to Larvik during the spring. There were some talk about a house that needs supporting, and we’ll support the shit out of it. I will post more when I get more info.


ikke for tidlig, aldri for seint

Photo by Nuno Alexandre (

We’ve decided to leave MySpace behind and go for an open source alternative.

This site gives us the opportunity to offer downloads and a Murdoch-free environment, both features sadly lacking from MySpace. At the moment we’re just messing around with the features and lay-out, but we hope to have this thing fully operational in a couple of weeks time.

Feedback and hate mail appreciated!


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